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video fade in and out


can you show me how to do a simple fade in and fade out on a video? I tried the knowledge base and the 3 minute video sites but nothing comes close to how to simply do fade ins and out.

You can add "Fade gray Scale" transition to the video begin and end.


please be more specific on your instruction. For my side. when i add a video i move the cursor to the part i want to fade in. I click the transition button and select the fade gray scale and then apply to all. when i try to view the video it doesnt do anything.

1. Add the video to program.
2. Drag the video to timeline (this first track).
3. Click "transition" button and select "Fade gray Scale" element and drag it to timeline (small track in the first track bottom),put it on the head of video clip.
4. Drag this transition to he end of video clip


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