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wmv file which has no FPS information


I just purchased this program and it does not load my movie files. The
error message is wmv is bad and will not load.

Yet when I double click on the movie it plays fine.

Please refund the purchase price as I will have to find some other
software to edit my movies.


Bob Steil (306-736-7561)
PO Box 294
Kipling, SK. S0G 2S0

Hi Bob,

Thank you for your email. Would you please let us know the details of your problem with the software?

Thank you for your cooperation in advanced.

Win Movie Maker Team

Attached is the log file.

As mentioned when I try to import a movie into Movie Maker it will not load. They are .wmv files.

Therefore I would like a refund.

Sorry for your issue, It seems your wmv file has no FPS information ,so can not be loaded.
There is only one way to resolve this issue.
1.Downoad a video convert file convert wmv to mp4 .
2.Load mp4 to movie maker


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